Saturday, August 16, 2014

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lets hear old tamil song..

Song Title : Kurukku Vazhiyil Vaazhvu Thedidum
Movie Title : Mahadevi (1957)
Singers : T.M. Soundararajan
Music : Viswanathan - Ramamurthy
Lyricist : Kannadasan

Kurukku vazhiyil vaazhvu thedidum kuruttu ulagamadaa
Idhu koLLai adippadhil vallamai kattum thiruttu ulagamadaa
Thambi therindhu nadanthu koLLadaa idhayam thirundha marundhu solladaa....

Kurukku vazhiyil.....

Irukkum arivai madamai moodiye iruttu ulagamadaa
Vaazhvil endha neramum sandai oyaatha murattu ulagamadaa
Thambi therindhu nadanthu koLLada idayam thirundha marundhu solladaa......

Kurukku vazhiyil.....

ViLaiyum payirai valarum kodiyai verudan aruthu vilaiyaadum oooo..........
Vilaiyum payirai vallarum kodiyai verudan aruthu vilaiyaadum
Manam vendhidum thottakaaranidam mirattal vaarthaigal aadum pala varattu geedhangal paadum
Vidhavidhamaana poigalai vaithu purattum ulagamadaa
Thambi therindhu nadanthu kollada idhayam thirundha marundhu solladaa....

Anbu padarndha kombinile oru agandhai kurangu thaavum
Adhan azhagai kulaikka mevum- kombu odindhu
Kodiyim kulaindhu kurangu vizhundhu saagum
Kombu odindhu
Kodiyum kulaindhu kurangu vizhundhu saagum
Silar gunamum idhu pol kurugi pogum kirukku ulagamadaa
Thambi therindhu nadandhu kolladaa idhayam thirundha marundhu solladaaa.....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A moment with Harry potter

Ron Weasley
: It's beautiful, isn't it? The moon.
Harry Potter: Divine. Had ourselves a little late night snack, did we?
Ron Weasley: It was on your bed, the box, I just thought I'd try one.
Harry Potter: Or twenty.
Ron Weasley: I can't stop thinking about her, Harry.
Ron Weasley: Honestly, you know, I reckon she was starting to annoy you.
Ron Weasley: She could never annoy me. I think I love her.
Harry Potter: Oh... brilliant.
Ron Weasley: Do you think she knows I exist?
Harry Potter: Well, I'd bloody well hope so, she's been snogging you for three months.
Ron Weasley: Snogging? Who are you talking about?
Harry Potter: Who are you talking about?
Ron Weasley: Romilda, of course. Romilda Vane.
Harry Potter: Okay, very funny.
Ron Weasley: [throws the chocolates box at Harry]
Harry Potter: What was that for?
Ron Weasley: It's no joke! I'm in love with her!
Harry Potter: Alright, fine, you're in love with her! Have you ever actually met her?
Ron Weasley: No... Can you introduce me?

what is love???

All love at first, like generous wine,
Ferments and frets until ‘tis fine;
But when ‘tis settled on the lee,
And from th’ impurer matter free,
Becomes the richer still the older,
And proves the pleasanter the colder.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

higher weight, higher reps gives bigger gain?

The answer is no. By using higher weight, you just narrow the range of movement. More over, your get tired easily and you waste much time to move on with next sets. There are higher possibility that you get hurt during the workout. Besides, you body muscle will look stretch one sides. The recovery from the pain takes longer time. You would not able to enjoy doing your trainings. So, guys do your weight lifting training using appropriate amount of weight. When you using higher weight try to do lest then 10 reps and you able to see the results.

'Chellame' frequenly use in newest tamil song

Now its becoming trend or not, a few newest tamil cinema songs appears the word 'chellame'. lets take a look.
Thorani - Vaa CHELLAME
The word has it own effect, like make the song to be a wonderful love song. U all should listen too.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Do you stretch ?

One of the most important things to remember here is that with each stretch you perform you should always move in a slow, controlled manner and never push it too far. If you go past the point of a light tightening sensation then you are risking straining or pulling the muscle that you are stretching. As long as you take your time and move gently you should have no problems. So careful.